Custom Built Combos

Quaker Steak & Lube® Menu: Custom Built Combos

Build Your Own Combo! Choose wings or Top Gear Tenders your way, and your craveable munchie. Customize your combo with your favorite sauce!

Choose One Chicken & Any sauce:

TOP GEAR TENDERS (5) (460-800 cal.)

BREADED BONELESS WINGS (6) (330-670 cal.)

BONE-IN WINGS (5) (590-850 cal.)

Choose Your Munchie:

PREMIUM PRETZELS (2) (520 cal.) Served with beer cheese dip.

LOADED FRIES (1120 cal.) Served with ranch dressing.

STEAMED FRESH BROCCOLI (250 cal.) Served with beer cheese dip

MOZZARELLA STICK SHIFTERS (4) (500 cal.) Served with marinara.

MAC & CHEESE (330 cal.)

PEEL-OUT POTATO SKINS (4) (690 cal.)

PICK-UP PICKLES (395-480 cal.)

O-RINGS (5) (670 cal.)

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