Quaker Steak & Lube®


Triple Atomic (500,000 SHU)

Guts, Glory, Pain!

Atomic (150,000 SHU)

Now Only Available By Bottle. Extremely Hot! Caution!

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SuperCharged (30,000 SHU)

Crazy hot, for the real wing nut

Dusted Ghost Pepper (11,700 SHU)

Blend of spices & India's Ghost Chili Pepper

Buckeye BBQ® (5,000 SHU)

Smooth, fiery, sweet BBQ

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Cajun (3,870 SHU)

Spicy classic cajun!

Hot (3,000 SHU)

Classic buffalo-style taste, nice'n hot

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Dusted Mango Habanero (2,550 SHU)

Tropical Island Heat

Arizona Ranch® (2,050 SHU)

Ranch-seasoned, hot & spicy

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Golden Garlic® (2,030 SHU)

Award-Winning, zesty garlic sauce

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Haute Parm (1,935 SHU)

Aged Parmesan, black pepper spiked with Frank's® Red Hot

Thai 'R' Cracker® (1,850 SHU)

Sweet Thai flavor w/a kick of chili & garlic

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Medium (1,440 SHU)

Classic buffalo-style wing, with bite

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Thaisian (1,400 SHU)

Unique blend of our Asian Sesame & Thai 'R' Cracker

Premium Garlic (1,300 SHU)

Red chilies and a full garlic punch

Louisiana Lickers® (1,220 SHU)

Hot-Cajun-Garlic-BBQ mix

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Smoked Jalapeño Honey (1,200 SHU)

An addictive sweet honey glaze with a sting of smoked jalapeño

Boom Boom (1,150 SHU)

Creamy Explosion of garlic & red pepper

Asian Sesame (930 SHU)

Exotic Asian Blend

Dusted Chipotle BBQ (900 SHU)

Chipotle dry spice with a sweet BBQ finish

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Parmesan Pepper (870 SHU)

Buttery parmesan & cracked pepper

Mild (740 SHU)

Classic buffalo-style wing

Kentucky Bourbon (110 SHU)

Aged Bourbon with a hint of dark molasses

Smoky Gold BBQ (90 SHU)

Southern smoke & mustard flavors

"Original" BBQ (90 SHU)

Finger lickin' hickory smoked sweet sauce

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Ranch (90 SHU)

Buttery, with the flavor of ranch seasoning

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